Client benefits

In its drive for innovation, Conicio combines design with engineering and humanities


Our methodology is based on this very mix of skills with the aim being to speed up the development of your new products.


You increase the likelihood of your product being successful thanks to the prior study of user behaviours. Our human and social science managers create the survey methodologies for you to better understand your users and in particular their habits.


You reduce any financial and industrial risks thanks to the work of a dedicated multidisciplinary team. Our designers, engineers and technicians work closely in collaboration to develop a product that is aesthetic, handy to use and industrially manufacturable.


You make your company more competitive. Our expertise enables you to optimise the time-to-market rate of your innovations. Our vertical integration strategy ensures that you are in control of your project from the research stages right through to the industrialisation of your product.


You inspire your internal resources with a new innovation culture. Our specialists observe their environment, go out on site and visit companies. We provide your teams with a new vision and new knowledge. Together, we create innovations for your future success.