• Communication objects

    Formes Actives | 2011

    Conicio has come up with and developed a range of communication objects made of 100% organic bioplastics.

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    objets de communication_100% végétal
  • Games for children

    Créaludik | 2011

    Conicio created and developed a range of fun and educational plays for children aged between 4 and 10 years old.

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  • Design Guide

    Groupe Fournier | 2011

    To further differentiate corporate brands - Socoo'c, Mobalba and Perene - Conicio drew up a Design Guide on the basis of existing brand platforms.

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    Matériaux Mobalpa design
  • Nordic walking pole

    Nature Sport | 2012

    Conicio created and designed a nordic walking pole with a patented dynamic handle system.

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    Bâton marche nordique
  • Medical robot

    Adept Technology | 2012

    Conicio's aim was to design and develop the preclinical proof of concept for a new generation of versatile medical robots.

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    Robot medical
  • Haptic interface for surgical purposes

    Adept Technology | 2013

    Conicio worked on the design and development of a haptic interface for the treatment of cancerous tumours using laparoscopic surgery.

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    robot assistance chirurgie
  • Sorting station

    Expertise Vision | 2013

    Made for the manual sorting of micromechanical parts, this test bench enables the checking of elongated small parts with a diameter not exceeding five millimetres and a length not exceeding thirty millimetres.

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    Poste de tri_prototype fonctionnel
  • Hybrid turning machine

    R-TECH | 2014

    The hybrid lathe is a bar turning machine combining the speed and reliability of a multi spindle lathe with a traditional cam and flexibility and accuracy thanks to its digitally controlled technologies.

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    tour multibroche design
  • Inspection & sorting machine

    Expertise Vision | 2014

    The inspection and sorting machine with industrial vision uses digital cameras to check the geometrical properties and the aspect of micromechanical parts whose maximum size does not exceed tens of millimetres.

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    Machine de contrôle par vision
  • Dental milling machine

    Groupe Mécanuméric – Charlyrobot | 2013

    To help with its development on the market for milling machine for dental prosthetists, Charlyrobot entrusted Conicio with the design of its two latest 4- and 5-axis dental milling machines.

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    design prothésiste dentaire
  • iPractis kitchen fittings

    Mobalpa | 2012

    Conicio was given the task of re-designing the Premium range fittings for drawers and sliding systems for Mobalpa kitchens.

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    design accessoires ipractis mobalpa