A creative and realistic agency

Design and engineering agency based in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, Conicio offers all its expertise to bring your ideas to life, materialise them, and support their development through to production. At the heart of product innovation, our team comprises men and women, designers and engineers dedicated to their profession. Our creativity, our technical know-how, our experimentation workshop, and our ability to understand your strategic challenges make Conicio a privileged partner for your production development.

Ingenuity Empathy Creativity Experimentation

External to your problems, we offer a new look, a fresh approach

We challenge existing habits and solutions. Our experience in different sectors of activity, in contact with varied technologies and know-how is a strength. Together we can bring out new perspectives and generate ideas that inspire, that give meaning to your products.

169 industrialised projectsThis is our goal! To ensure that your projects succeed, that they are realistic and are easy to materialise in order to boost your company’s performance. Consult our projects
2548 creative interactionsFor us, creativity is an interactive activity. It is this sharing that allows us to bring forth new ideas so as to suggest concepts that are ever more innovative. Discover our approach
1 team of enthusiastsBecause conviviality is part of our DNA, enthusiastic engineers and designers advise you to the best of their ability and share pleasurable moments with you. Discover the team
77 customers guidedWe are happy when you are: that is why we are devoted to carrying out support through to the end. Our success is your success. Our pride: seeing ambitious projects finalised ! See our references