By your side at each product innovation step

Conicio guides you through each step in the development of your product. Our expertise is just as much part of the field of engineering science, social science, as it is design. We have built our methodology based on the combination of these competences in order to guide you in your innovation projects to the best of our ability.

What is your need ?

Your need
Research & innovation studies
User centered research
Industrial design study
Preliminary feasibility study
User tests
Development study
Industrialisation study & industrial monitoring
3D animation

> Research and innovation studies

We help you to innovate, to generate product concepts that, in the future, will become growth drivers for your future business.

> User centered research

We meet your users and study their behaviour in order to identify fertile ground that will allow us to create a product as close as possible to their needs.

> Industrial design study

We highlight the aesthetic and functional details that will help your product to stand out.

> Preliminary feasibility study

Based on the design that inspired you, we develop a preliminary project taking account of the product’s aesthetic, functional and technical constraints in order to assess the functional and economic viability of the concept as early on as possible.

> User tests

We submit your product to your end users so as to discuss with them its use and their perception of it. The aim: to highlight validations and potential evolutions for your product.

> Development study

We develop the parts and assemblies that make up your product and guide you in the choice of the most suitable materials and implementation methods according to the production goals (cost/quality/timescale) you want to achieve.

> Industrialisation study and industrial monitoring

We optimise the design of your product through close collaboration with you and our different industrial sub-contractors. Thus, we guarantee a mass-produced product that is aesthetically and functionally conform to the idea that originally won you over.

> 3D animation

This step allows you to illustrate your project and optimise your public’s (customers, partners, etc.) perception of your new product innovation.