Conicio, a genuine “innovation platform”.

Our designers, engineers and technicians work hand-in-hand to develop a product that is attractive and easy-to-use, and that can be produced by industry. Conicio’s methodology offers you step-by-step help in turning the spark of an idea into a high impact product for your company and your consumers.
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Product design

We bring your products to life by imagining and simulating their functioning.

Preliminary feasibility study
Based on the design that inspired you, we develop a preliminary project taking account of the aesthetic, functional and technical constraints of the product so as to assess the functional and economic viability of the concept as early on as possible.

– Preliminary CAD study
– Prototype (POC)
– Provisional costing (unit production cost of the product and start-up investment)
– Sourcing of industrial sub-contractors

A preliminary feasibility study that offers you the keys for determining the viability of your concept (figures, CAD files, prototype (POC), etc.)
Development study
We develop the parts and assemblies that make up your product and guide you in the choice of the most suitable materials and implementation methods according to the production goals (cost/quality/timescale) you want to achieve.

– Detailed technical study
– FEM calculations
– Nomenclature and development plan
– Description suppliers
– Functional prototype

A first finalised version of your product to launch a functional prototype. CAD files, sets of drawings, costed nomenclature, functional prototype.

Our technical team guides you throughout the mechanical design of your product, parts, and assembly. We advise you on the choice of the most suitable materials and implementation resources according to the production and price goals you want to achieve.

Our digital simulation solutions allow us to analyse the mechanical behaviour of the future product from the animation of a mechanism to the dynamic simulation of an explosion inside a machine.


We are by your side for the production of your first series.

Industrialisation study and industrial monitoring
We optimise the design of your product through close collaboration with you and our different industrial sub-contractors. Thus, we guarantee a mass-produced product that is aesthetically and functionally conform to the idea that originally won you over.

– Strategic plan & industrial model
– Optimisation of Design to Cost costs
– Optimisation of the design for assembly (DFA)
– Optimisation of the design for manufacturing (DFM)
– Design of tools
– Industrial pre-series
– Tests & debugging
– Quality control
– Qualification & certification of products

An industrialisation document, the monitoring of production, and your first pre-series resulting from the definitive production tools.

With our qualified network of sub-contractors, we are offering you effective solutions for industrialising your products and producing your first series. Thus, you can happily focus on what is essential: promoting and selling your innovations.