Above all, Conicio is a team of enthusiasts with complementary expertise.

Each one has a vision, each one has a pencil stroke, a touch of creativity and an analysis for projects that are handled perfectly.

Marie BOLTON • Administrative assistant
« The only place where your dreams are impossible is in your head. »
William BAUDE • Industrial designer
« There are 3 possible responses to a design: yes, no, and wow! Let’s find wow ! »
Lucile TARENNE • Industrial designer
« If users have a problem it becomes our problem. »
Alexis BOURLAUD • Mechanical Engineer
« You have to start by daring, then dosing. »
Marion PONCET • Designer concepteur
« To be creative, you have to overcome the fear of being wrong. »
Aurélien BENAY • Mechanical Engineer
« Avoiding a problem means missing the solution. »
Gontran MENAGER • Mechanical Engineer
« Each wall has its door (otherwise we have a bulldozer!). »
Vincent SCHMITT • Director
« The art of managing consists in knowing when to give up the baton so as not to disturb the orchestra. »