The possibilities are infinite but the relevant solutions are few and far between.

We combine expertise in engineering science and social science with the world of design in order to bring you new solutions that are both aesthetic, practical, and suitable for manufacturing.

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User experience

We study your public to better understand their needs & habits and adapt our recommendations to the best of our ability.

User centered research
– Exploration on site
– Analysis of observation data
– Recommendations

A report that integrates our analyses, observations, recommendations and input from field studies to fuel the product’s design.
User tests
We submit your product to your end users so as to discuss with them its use and their perception of it. The aim: to highlight validations and potential evolutions for your product.

– Meetings with users and observations in the field
– Analysis of situations of use
– Recommendations/redesign suggestions

A report presenting the data and analyses of interviews as well as our recommendations, validations, or suggestions for improving the product.

Design and uses. We compare your ideas and the study of consumers’ habits, their environment, and their problems so as to help you create and design the right product. By placing users in a real-life situation, we are able to analyse uses and validate the ergonomy of the proposed models. By bringing the user and the experimental prototype face-to-face, we can check that the desired user experience corresponds to the target public’s needs.

Creative laboratory

For us creativity is an interactive act.

Research and innovation studies
We help you to innovate, to generate product concepts that, in the future, will become growth drivers for your business in the future.

– Bibliographic research
– Functional analysis
– Value analysis
– Brainstorming/Search for technical solutions/Conceptualisation
– Research on Intellectual Property/Analysis of Prior Experiences

A collection of reference documents and one or more technical architecture suggestions for your product that allows you to define your innovation project (benchmark, state of the art, report on prior experiences, Functional Specifications, Product architecture, etc.)

Collaborative design. Together we challenge what already exists and imagine, analyse, investigate, and invent new solutions.