Dream-a-city is an original ecological construction game made in France that gives children free reign to imagine and assemble their game universe. Each box includes original decors printed in natural ink on stiff cardboard as well as bio-plastic, biodegradable and compostable plugs. When assembled, the cardboard and plugs turn into rigid construction cubes that are easy to handle for children from 3 years and over. Children are then free to create their city and their game decor and modify it as they want. Dream-a-city is compatible with other children’s toys such as figurines, small cars, or construction blocks.

Conicio’s team helped Fabulabox with the technical and aesthetic definition of the rigid cardboard parts as well as the plugs in bio-sourced plastic. Following the design phase, Conicio produced different validation prototypes and ensured the industrialisation of the different components.

Visit the project : www.fabulabox.com

Conicio’s support :