IN&MOTION | 2015

Conicio supported In&Motion in the design of its ski airbag: the Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag Vest. Genuine “wearable technology”, the airbag was developed in partnership with the French Ski Federation and was approved by the International Ski Federation for downhill and cross-country skiing. If the role of this airbag is to be triggered during a fall in order to protect a skier’s vital parts (thorax, abdomen, spine, cervicals, hips), it must also meet different constraints. It must be possible to wear it under the skier’s suit and ensure complete freedom of movement. On/off control for the user (battery recharging, maintenance, reactivation) should also be as simple as possible so that the skier is autonomous without requiring any intervention by a third party. Visiter the project:

Conicio’s support :