Pfeiffer Vacuum, world leader in vacuum technology, called on Conicio design+engineering to renew its sniffing leak detection solution. The objective of the mission was to redesign the product, made up of a central unit, an HMI and a probe, both in terms of its ergonomics and its appearance. The aesthetics had to be differentiating and bring out the highly technological and efficient aspect of this sniffer, while remaining in line with the codes of the brand and the existing Pfeiffer Vacuum products. In order to best meet the challenges of ergonomics and functionality, our designers visited the factories with the operators to highlight their needs and use problems. . This knowledge of the field enabled us to support our client in the functional analysis of the future product, a solid base on which the team then relied for the creativity stage. Following the validation of aesthetic and functional output, Pfeiffer Vacuum, the designers & engineers of Conicio and their industrial partners worked in close collaboration for the development and technical fine-tuning of the central unit and its probe. Visit the project:

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