S.P.I.D. BOX | 2017

Developed in collaboration with a dental surgeon, it is a unique solution for transporting dental prints and joints between the dental surgery and the prosthetics laboratory without any risk of damage. Indeed, often, these may be handled incorrectly during transport and if the print is deformed the prosthetic created is no longer adapted to the patient meaning that the treatment procedure has to be started all over again.

To overcome this problem, Conicio was entrusted with collecting and identifying the different problems inherent to dental surgeons, the transport of prints and the medical environment, and materialising these aspects in an adapted solution that is functional, industrialisable and attractive. This transport box is equipped with a rail that allows the dental prints to be suspended. Separated by dividers, these are no longer subject to shocks and reach their destination intact. This transport box offers all the necessary functions for delivery (pouch with delivery receipt, identification zone, locking system, ergonomic handles).

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